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Desarae Aina Realtor in Katy, TX

 Desarae Aina

A real estate agent who has a passion for helping people make their dreams of being a homeowner a reality. She creates a memorable experience for her clients by educating them before the process starts.

Once they start the process she guides them through each step of the home buying process and helps them set clear, precise, and attainable goals to purchase a home. Many people do not own homes because they are nervous about the process. She will ensure you understand the process and continue to encourage you to reach the goal, whether it’s buying or selling. 

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Home Ownership

is the Goal, 

Here’s the Key!

 Desarae understands the importance of work- life balance. When she is not assisting her clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their beautiful family. Being a dedicated wife and mother, she understands the importance of paying attention to even the smallest detail when purchasing a home. If you are looking for someone who will treat your home buying goals as their own and can provide you with the tools necessary to obtain your goals, Desarae Aina is the real estate agent for you. 

We'll Find You The Perfect Space

The advantage to signing a Buyer’s Agency Agreement with me is that you will have a professional agent working to find and secure the ideal home for you.

We Work With Your Budget

Just as your accountant, doctor, and mechanic understand your specific needs, your Buyer’s Agent gets to know your real estate needs and concerns.

List Your Property Risk Free

Realtors® are expert neighbors with our agents, seasoned financial advisors with clients, and superb navigators around the local neighborhood.

My Story

I was born in New Orleans, LA, then moved to Chicago at the age of ten. We were excited to move because this was our first experience living in a house. But it was not our house, I couldn’t wait to have a home of my own.

So fast forward to my college years. I had a full-ride scholarship to a small college in one of the Carolinas. However, I choose to attend Grambling State University, an HBCU in northern Louisiana, and I had to pay with student loans.  I had to get away from the cold of Chicago and get back to the south as soon as I could. After I earned my degree in business management, those student loans were waiting for me. My first job after college was as a Manager at Sherwin Williams. I worked there for six years. After four years, I realized that selling paint was not what I wanted to do forever.  While on maternity leave,  I decided to get my real estate license. My daughter will be four this year. Then, I purchased my own home.  Yes, even with all those student loans I bought my own home. After I bought my house, I started to think more about doing real estate full time. I started planning my exit strategy…fast forward to today – now I am a realtor.

Desarae Aina Realtor Story

Why I am I a realtor?  My why is you. I know the main reason many people don’t own a home is because they do not know about all the programs available to help create homeowners.  A home is the most important asset you will ever own.  If you want to be a homeowner, you can be.   My goal is to provide education to all people like yourself on the various home ownership programs and the dynamics of the Texas real estate market.  Once you are aware of the programs and understand the process, we can develop a plan to help you find and finance the perfect home for your needs.  If you currently have a home, or when your home needs change in the future, I can help you sell your home and find a new one.


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I am honored that you have chosen to walk alongside you through this process. Remember, I am here for you!

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