Down Payment Assitance

How Can I Find Down Payment Assistance Programs

It’s Des again with Francais Realty. I am here today to give you guys another tip. Today’s tip is talking about down payment assistance, which is so awesome and such a great program.

However, to be honest with you COVID-19 has a hold on some of these programs. So, we must understand that it may be a little bit more challenging to get access to these programs currently.

Down Payment Assitance

Aside from down payment assistance.

There are other fees associated with buying a house. We are going to talk about those in another video, but I do want you to know there is money available to help you get a home at this current moment.

It is a little bit challenging. But if you have a strong credit score and we can get you over to the lender we can work out something to see what we can do to get you guys into a home with one of the down payment assistant programs available.

Many people are skeptical because they don’t really think it’s possible. But I help home buyers every day get into a new or pre-owned home with zero down.

Give me a call today, You’ll be surprised at how many options are available to help home buyers right now.

I am Des with Here’s the key Francais Realty.

Thank you!

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