Tips for the Home Buying Process


10 Useful Tips for the Home Buying Process

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in your life and one that requires a lot of time and effort.  Therefore, I have put together these 10 steps to help to make the home buying process manageable and help my clients make the best decisions possible.

1. Stay organized.
2. Keep all of your documents in one place. This binder is ideal for that.
You will be asked for the same documents multiple times.
3. Leave your credit alone as you go through the process. Do not take on
new credit, or it negatively affect your loan.
4. Keep in mind that the home buying process takes time.
5. Have a clear idea of what you want in your home. What are your must
haves? What are your desires? What community do you want to be in? Be
very clear. Be realistic.
6. Ask a lot of questions and take notes.
7. When the time comes, don’t attempt to get in a bidding war.
8. Think long term. Do what you can now and then set yourself up for
what you want to do later.
9. Keep a positive attitude. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
10.Trust the process.

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