Your Home Needs


Creating a list of your Home Needs.

It’s Des again, your realtor.

I just wanted to give you guys another tip. Today’s tip is about creating your list of what you want in your house.

There are some things on your list that are 100% non-negotiable and you just need to have this in your house. That needs to be on your list.

Now you may have two kids and you want them to each have their own room. However, you want a fourth bedroom for guests. Is that fourth bedroom negotiable? Things like that, write them down so we know these things upfront. Making house hunting easier for everyone.

So that is your tip for today. And remember, I am Des Aina with here’s the key giving you the keys you need to reach that goal of home ownership with Francais Realty.

Thank you and you have a great day.

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